About Miłosz Flis

Miłosz Flis was born in 1986 in Lublin. In the years 2007-2012 he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, in the studio of Prof. Janusz Kucharski. Lives and works in Wroclaw. In his work he explores the physical aspects of the human presence on Earth, using the scale and context. In his author's technique "capsules" uses found objects to build scenes like detained frame from the movie. In those scenes, he portrays a man posed against nature, sometimes being the executioner, and sometimes the victim. He plays with the case, making it a tool for formal research. Often he uses humor and absurdity, buffers, allowing for a different perspective on speeding on a large rock in the vacuum of space people and their problems.

Miłosz Flis (b. 5/18/1986, Lublin, PL)
Lives and works in Wrocław

• 2002- 2006 Team Art Schools. Cyprian Kamil Norwid in Lublin, carving profile
• 2006- 2007 Department of Art University in Lublin, the direction of painting
• 2007- 2012 Academy of Fine Arts. Eugeniusz Geppert Wroclaw, department of sculpture
• 2012 –Master degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Prof. Janusz Kucharski

Individual exhibitions:
• "THE END", Sketchbook 5 Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Wroclaw
• "lascivious sketchbook" exhibition in the third edition of the "Aviaries" Wroclaw Contemporary Museum Wroclaw
• Thesis Exhibition, BWA Wroclaw, Wroclaw
• "torches / DERIVATY" Vernon Gallery, Prague
• "Sons of Radawiec" MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw
"Hard work," WYKWIT Gallery, Wroclaw

Group exhibitions:
• "Art Biennial of Young Wroclaw", Gallery Impart, Wrocław
• "Ekspresja.XXI / 11", Gallery Impart, Wrocław
• "What? Bucket" during the festival "Art Around week," Steinhaus, Wroclaw
• "Combined Transaction" University of Arts in Poznan, Poznan
• "M {and} Asto Stars" art hall Golden Plus, Żyrardów
• "Free Space" Sand Residence, Wroclaw
• "V MKR Wrocław", Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw
• "Tide - drain", CK Agora, Wroclaw
• "Curses", Joinery, Wroclaw
• "11/12", an empty house at ul. University 11/12, Wroclaw
• "We're coming to conquer you," Gone Fishing / Theatre impermanent, Leipzig
• "Images of time", Piast Castle, Jawor
• "Conspiracy theories" festival Rite, Hostel sand, Wroclaw
• 7 Triennial of young ones"Craft", Polish Sculpture Center, Orońsko
• "Sons of Radawiec" MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw
• "Body and things," City Gallery in Wroclaw, Wroclaw
• "Ostrale 'O15 Handle with care", OSTRALE- Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden
• "Biennial of young art Fisheye 8" Baltic contemporary art gallery in Slupsk, Slupsk
• "Jeune Creation Europene" Le Beffroi - Ville de Montrouge, Paris
• "Locked in space", Sofia, Polish Institute in Sofia, Sofia
• "Think Tank Lab Triennale" open call exhibition, gallery Arttrakt, Wroclaw
• "Another World", BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
• "Awry", gallery Labyrinth, Lublin
• "Locked in space / enslaved in time " Theatre under Palmovkou, Prague
• "H2O Self-supporting Universal Exhibition" building of the old boiler house, ul. Tarnogórska 1, Wroclaw
• "The place where I have never been before," Museum of arhitecture in Wroclaw, Wroclaw
• "JCE Biennale of Young European Art" Wroclaw Convention Center, Centennial Hall, Wroclaw
• "Who wants to die? -Pazifismus Heute "Ratskeller - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin

Competitions and prizes:
• Honorable mention for the "Biennale of Young Wroclaw" Wrocław, Galeria Impart
• Finalist of 7 Triennial of young ones"Craft", Orońsko, Polish Sculpture Center
• Finalist of the "Biennale art young Fisheye 8" Baltic contemporary art gallery in Slupsk
• The second audience award at an international review of contemporary art "Ostrale 'O15 Handle with care”

Participant of “Jeune Creation Europene” Biennale of Contemporary Art

• Polish Sculpture Center, Orońsko, PL
• Lower Silesian Society for the “Zachęta” of Fine Arts